Get a steady stream of ridiculously good projects.

Marketing plans & archibabble-free copywriting for open-minded architects who want to clearly communicate the value they bring to a project.

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What if your ideal clients only wanted to work with you?

Instead of a prospect list, you had a waitlist. And imagine if this happened not because you were squeezing past clients for referrals or spending your Saturday nights stalking LinkedIn. But because the moment your ideal client landed on your website they knew you were The One—and they would do absolutely anything to work with you. That is the power of great copywriting and marketing for architects. 

Let’s take it a step further …

What if you could:

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attract clients who understand the value of good design


never have to justify your fees again (and get paid on time!)


attract clients who treat the design process as a collaboration


break the feast-famine cycle and create a consistent flow of great projects


build your reputation within the A&D industry


get more of the right leads and enquiries

All of the above is possible when you have the right architecture marketing plan in place.


To get a consistent flow of the right types of projects (i.e. the ones you really, really want), to stand out from your competition, and to command higher fees—you need to clearly communicate the value you bring to a project and an architecture marketing plan to steer you in the right direction.

Without a strategy that matches your practice goals, you could end up saying ‘yes’ to projects you don’t want, with clients you don’t like, and at fees that barely keep the doors open.

And let’s face it—you can’t be the architect you want to be if you’re working with clients and on projects that aren’t the right fit.

As a specialised copywriter for architects, I’m in a unique position to help you.

nikita morell architects' copywriter

Hi, I’m Nikita

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I help architects stand out from the sea of architectural sameness. Maybe you’re wondering, why architects? Quite frankly, I think you’re brilliant. Name one other profession that equally applies logic and creativity? (hint: there isn’t one). You make the built environment useful, safe, comfortable, and as beautiful as possible. You give shape to our world. No one else makes this their ultimate goal.

I want your ideal clients (and the world) to fully realise your value. And I want you to get the recognition you deserve. That’s why I create easy-to-action marketing plans and craft compelling copy to help you stand out—so when a project comes to the table, your ideal clients think of you first.

Unlike other marketing agencies and freelance copywriters—I know the ins and outs of the A&D industry and have an extensive personal network. 

What I do:

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// “Writing is the last thing I have time for.”

// “Karen is good with words, I’ll get her to write it.”

// “I’ve written something similar, I’ll just use that.”

// “Our work speaks for itself…words don’t matter.”

Sound familiar?

Don’t be fooled. Words can be the difference between winning or losing a project.

Marketing Strategy


// Relying on word-of-mouth referrals.

// Sending irregular newsletters with no objective.

// Posting photos on Instagram when you feel like it.

 // Blogging without a content calendar.

 Sound familiar?

Random acts of marketing don’t work. To get a steady stream of great projects, you need a strategy.

Who I help?

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Small architecture practices


You’re a talented architect. But when it comes to marketing, you know what you should be doing but don’t have the time or resources.

So, what do you do? You end up doing nothing. Let me help steer you in the right direction so you can win more of the right projects and avoid competing on fees.

Ready to grow your practice?

Solo practitioners & Emerging practices


You’ve successfully started your own practice. But between emails, meetings and actually doing the work—you have no time to develop an architecture marketing plan.

Let me help you create an actionable strategy so you can win more (and better) projects (…yes, even when you’re up against the “big guys”).

Flying solo or just starting out?

What my clients are saying:

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Nikita’s brand and marketing strategy has given us a new voice and we now understand exactly who we are. Her clarity of thinking combined with industry experience makes her very successful at what she does. Nikita really cares about what she is doing and the work is prepared quickly and with minimal fuss—we don’t want to recommend Nikita to other architects as it will make them more competitive!


Director, Sissons Architecture

Nikita listens—from the start she listened to our brief, quickly understood how we operate and wrote about our work in a manner that is consistent with who we are. We put passion into our work and enjoy working with others who feel the same way. Nikita is a rare find—we love her genuine excitement and enthusiasm. Nikita is very good at what she does and is easy to work with—it’s as simple as that.

Jonathan Richards

Founder, Richards Stanisch

If you’re looking for someone who will deliver outstanding copy that is professional, engaging, and sounds like you, Nikita is your girl! Energetic & client-focused, Nikita really listened to what I needed & translated it into exactly what I was after. She’s a true pleasure to work with.


Director, Think:Build

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