Day 10: Once Upon a Time, There Was a Project Description…

Once upon a time, there was a project description…

Architects are a creative bunch.

Architects are a creative bunch. You envision what is not there (and then create something out of literally nothing). You juggle numbers, lines & angles to produce creative possibilities that the rest of our mere mortal minds cannot even fathom.

BUT, when it comes to writing website project descriptions—it seems that this creative magic disappears.

I believe your project descriptions should be telling stories. People connect with stories -— they’re more meaningful & memorable that facts & statements.

Watch this video & you’ll learn:

Why you need words to accompany your project images (…unless you’re a starchitect—your projects don’t ‘speak for themselves’)
The fastest way to create an emotional connection with your prospective client (hint: it starts with storytelling)
How to structure your project descriptions so they inform, engage & even entertain your prospective clients

And more.

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