Day 12: Does your website copy look like marching ants?

Does your website copy look like marching ants?

Day 12 of 30 Architecture Website Fixes in 30 Days

We’ve all been there. You land on a website with teeny, tiny font. You squint. You zoom riiigghhhtt in. And then you start to wonder…perhaps, I need to book in an appointment with my optometrist?!

I’d say 9/10 times it’s not your eyes. It’s the font size— it’s too damn small.

The wrong font can leave your prospective clients feeling frustrating or with a banging headache. Neither of which is enjoyable.

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

+ How the wrong font size can lose you clients
+ Simple tips to choosing the right font for your website
+ The importance of contrast ratio (and a free online tool to check your contrast ratio)

And more.

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