Day 14: The Power of Asking: \"So What\"?

The Power of Asking: “So What”?

Day 14 of 30 Architecture Website Fixes in 30 Days

When writing your about page, I bet (*my Tiffany’s sterling silver & American walnut ruler*) that you asked a lot of questions: What should we include? Does it sound right? Is it too long? What photo should accompany the copy? [insert more tactical questions here].

But, I doubt you asked THE most valuable question of all: ‘So what?’

This tiny question is your key to unlocking more & better projects.

Watch this video & you’ll learn:

+ Why 99.7776% of architecture about pages sound the same
+ The difference between features & benefits (and how turning features into benefits can help build trust & credibility)
+ How the question “so what?” can help you convert prospective clients into actual paying clients

And more.

Note: I don’t have a Tiffany’s sterling silver & American walnut ruler—it costs $450 (…but my birthday is coming up—just in case you’re feeling generous).

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