Day 17: Ditch The Archi-Babble, Please

Ditch The Archi-Babble, Please

Genius loci. Vernacular. Stylobate.

Say what?!?!

The #1 mistake I see architects making on their website is…

They create their websites for their archi-friends.

But here’s the thing: your ideal clients are (most likely) NOT architects.

I’ll say it again: your ideal clients are (most likely) NOT architects. So you can’t expect them to understand technical architecture terminology (…save it for the Architizer forum or academic papers).

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

+ 3 reasons why you should drop the jargon & write like a human (not like an architect robot**(yep, they do exist)
+ How to ditch the archi-babble (and say what you really mean
+ A clever hack that will immediately improve any website copy

And more.

**Random side note: I just spent 34 minutes reading about architecture & robotics. Fascinating stuff. Seriously, Google it.

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