Day 20: The Rules Of Attraction—On Your Careers Page

The Rules Of Attraction: On Your Careers Page

Let’s play a game of architecture Tinder:

Hopeful candidate swipes right.
Architecture firm swipes right.
****IT’S A MATCH!****

After a few ‘dates’ (…or interviews):

Architecture firm recruits hopeful candidate — candidate lands dream job = THE START OF A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP

Your careers page is like Tinder.

It’s your opportunity to make a great impression & attract the right types of candidates (and filter out the not so great ones).

So, what should you include on your careers page?

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

+ Why your careers page is your secret weapon to attracting top talent
+ Why your careers page needs to be more than a job listing board
+ What you need to include on your careers page—so you can encourage top talent to contact you

And more.

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