Day 21: Is It Really News?

Is It Really News?

Do you need a news section on your website? (…or it is a place where press releases go to die?)

^^^ That is the $3.24m question.

Don’t quote me on the above figure I *may* have pulled it out of thin air…

Because, there is no way of putting a real dollar value on the news section of your website (…unless of course you’re an architect who has monetised their news section—in which case, I want to hear from you..seriously, send me an email).

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

+ The benefits of including a news section on your website
+ Engaging content ideas for your news section—so prospective clients actually read & share your content
+ How you can use your news section to build trust & authority (and you’ll see an example of an architecture practice that is absolutely nailing their news section—seriously, you need to see this…)

And more.

Referenced websites:
One 10 Studio, Shepley Bulfinch



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