Day 22: What the heck is a lead magnet? (and why you need one)

What the heck is a lead magnet? (and why you need one)

Day 22 of 30 Architecture Website Fixes in 30 Days

Here’s how you can position yourself ahead of 99.34678% of architects

Get yourself a lead magnet.

And if you’re wondering, what the heck is a lead magnet?

Well, you’re in luck. I made a video allll about what lead magnets are & why you need one.

I promise today’s video is not filled with cringe-worthy marketing buzzwords (come on, by now you should know me better than that!).

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

+ What the heck a lead magnet is (…simply explained in under 60 seconds).

+ How to create a lead magnet—so you can rapidly grow your email list

+ Actionable tips on how to create a *non-sucky* lead magnet that actually converts prospective clients into paying clients

And more.

Referenced websites:

Fitz Patrick Partners, Bark Design



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