Day 23: Has Your Website Reached Its Expiry Date?

Has Your Website Reached Its Expiry Date?

Just like bagged baby spinach—your website also has an expiry date.

Yes, it can go ‘off’ very quickly (especially in today’s fast-moving digital world).

If you’re embarrassed to send people to your website. Catch yourself saying: ‘here’s the link to my website, but it’s in desperate need of an update – I just don’t have the time” [followed by an awkward laugh]. Or if your family, friends or colleagues *not-so-subtly* hint that your website needs an update — then it’s safe to say you need to do something about your website.

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

+ Why it’s important to create a great website experience for prospective clients (…yes, even if allll your clients come from referrals)
+ 5 tell-tale signs your website needs a refresh (skip to 3:50)
+ The one thing all architecture websites should STAY AWAY from

And more.

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