Day 26: Client Love Notes (the power of testimonials & how to do it right)

There’s nothing quite like receiving a client love note.

And by client love note I mean—that unexpected ‘thank you’ email you receive from a client after a project has been completed (…the one that leaves you involuntarily grinning at your screen).

Don’t let client love notes shrivel up & die in your inbox.

You need to put them on your website, so you can attract & convert more amazing clients.

Today’s video is all about leveraging the power testimonials.

Watch the video & you’ll learn:

+ Why testimonials are important (hint: they lead to higher client conversion)
+ How to get authentic, powerful client testimonials (without the awkwardness)
+ Where to place testimonials on your website for maximum impact

Referenced websites:
JDA Architects, Mihaly Slocombe, Nest Architects, Fred Architecture