Day 29: Nobody likes getting price-shopped (and how to stop it)

Nobody likes getting price-shopped (and how to stop it)

If I told you: I’m meeting Bjarke Ingels for coffee in Denmark next Tuesday.

I bet the first thing you’d ask me is: “How did you arrange that?”

Note: ^^^ this is a fictitious story—although Mr Ingels if you’re reading this, I’d love to meet you for coffee one day.

Bjarke aside, my point is you’d want to know HOW.

Often architects forget the HOW. They are so wound up on describing what they do or who they do it for…they forget how important it is to communicate HOW their design process works. approach works.

I tackle this idea in today’s video.

Watch it & you’ll learn:

+ Why you need to add your design PROCESS to your website
+ What to include on your process page—so you add value to your services & avoid getting price-shopped
+ How to structure & layout your design process on your website

And more.
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