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BONUS: Copy + Video = A match made in heaven

Copy + Video = A match made in heaven

***BONUS TIP: 30 Architecture Website Fixes in 30 Days***

Yesterday, I *finally* unsubscribed to the Video Ezy newsletter (…yes, despite the VHS officially dying on 28th Oct. 2008—Video Ezy still sends a weekly newsletter). Don’t believe me? See image below…

Anyways…back to more important things (ie. architecture website fixes)—this morning (at 2:14 am), I found myself thinking about video & architecture websites.

So I decided to make ONE LAST video.

Video is increasingly being used on architecture website homepages, about pages & even careers pages—I’m a  BIG FAN of integrating videos on websites.

And I want to share with you why…

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

  •  How video can  build trust & create an emotional connection with prospective clients
  • 3 reasons you should consider adding a video to your website
  • How to use copy to support video content on your website

And more.

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(^^^ evidence that Video Ezy still exists!!!)