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Nikita has the passion and perspective to see exactly what architects need. The Press Release Manual gets straight down to business, guiding you thoughtfully and persuasively through writing a press release. If you’re daunted by the blank page or struggling to articulate your ideas, here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Juliette Mitchell
Founder, Architypal

The Press Release Manual is pure gold! It gives you confidence and takes the guesswork out of writing a press release. My favourite part of the manual was the framework—it shows you exactly what to include and how to structure a press release.

Shyn Chea
Architect, UNSW





Package your expertise and experience into channels that help you increase your practice’s exposure, build your reputation, and bring in a steady flow of meaningful projects.

What is it?

These proven step-by-step toolkits help you reach your ideal clients, so you can bring in new and more interesting work.

I years spent working at an architecture publishing company and in-house as a marketing/comms manager at an award-winning architecture practice—so I know what editors and judges are looking for. Inside these toolkits

I share all my insider tips and knowledge—so you can stop second-guessing yourself when writing about your practice or projects.

Who is it for?

If you want to broaden your exposure outside of your network—so you can increase your credibility, build your reputation, and diversify your project portfolio.

What’s Included

Award Submission Handbook

Immediately increase your chances of winning an award. Includes:

  • An easy-to-follow process on how to answer questions (plus real-life examples). (Use this process over and over for future award submissions.)
  • Insider secrets from architecture award judges, giving you insight into what they are looking for and how to win them over.
  • An award tracker template (in Google Sheets), which you can copy and use to help organise and keep track of your own award entries. 
  • Editing tips and tricks to sharpen your award submission (with links to additional copywriting resources to help you). These tips can be applied to all your marketing and communications copy.

Press Release Manual

Press Release – helps you create a winning press release quickly and efficiently. Includes:

  •  Five Steps to Press Release Success for Architects™. A foolproof guide that significantly increases your chances of getting published. (The toolkit is designed to help anyone go from clueless to confident—even if writing isn’t your strength).
  • Press Release framework (with examples): how to write, structure, and format a press release so that editors and journalists *actually* open and read your press release. 
  • The easiest way to  “win over” editors and journalists (even if you don’t have “insider connections”).
  • 10 press release topic ideas to inspire your next press release (hint: your next press release doesn’t need to be about a project).
  • Media pitch email template. This is the exact template I’ve successfully used (hundreds of times) when pitching to editors and journalists.
    • PLUS: Instant access to your own press release distribution tracker so you can keep track of who you’ve contacted and when to follow up.

Project Description Blueprint

Create a blog that positions you as a trusted expert. Includes:

  • The two questions you need to ask yourself when deciding whether you need a blog.
  • 7 reasons why including a blog on your practice website is a good idea.
  • Why you need to create a blog a content plan.
  • 21 blog post ideas to inspire, engage, and build trust with your ideal clients (and so they *actually* enjoy reading your posts.)
  • 14 annotated real-life examples of architecture firms with great blogs.


How it Works

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