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Brand Messaging Strategy

Not having a brand messaging strategy is like building a house with no plan. If you randomly start laying bricks, you’re setting yourself up for failure and risk wasting money, time, and resources.

With the right brand messaging strategy, it’s all so much easier. You’ll know exactly what makes your practice different, how to position yourself in the market, and who you should be targeting (i.e. your ideal clients). 

Your brand messaging strategy comes before your marketing strategy. It’s like your North Star—it will guide your business decisions, communications, and marketing strategy.

A brand messaging strategy will help you:

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  • Identify what makes your practice different — so your ideal clients can quickly understand your unique capabilities and what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Target your ideal clients (so you can attract more of them).
  • Build your reputation and promote your work with intention. (You’ll know exactly what you stand for.)
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert advisor (rather than an order-taker).
  • Attract top talent. 
  • Guide business decisions and communicate with prospective and current clients.

Perfect for you if…

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You’ve been in the game for a while, but you’ve outgrown your brand (i.e. it needs a refresh).

You’re “too close” to your practice to identify what makes it different and unique.

When it comes to gaining the recognition you deserve and standing out from your competition, you feel stuck.

What you get:

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  • 30-min project kick-off call — so we can get to know each other & discuss your project needs.
  • Research — Interviews with up to 3 past clients and stakeholders, review existing collateral and competitor analysis.
  • 2hr Discovery Workshop — we uncover who you are, what you do & what makes you different (from your competition).
  • Brand Strategy document including:
    • Vision + Mission — where you’re heading.
    • Ideal Client Profile — who you’re targeting.
    • Brand Values — your beliefs and worldview.
    • Brand Essence — your brand story.
    • Value Proposition — what makes you unique.
    • Positioning matrix — where your practice brand is positioned in the market.
    • Tone of Voice Guide — your brand’s personality.
    • One round of revisions.
  • 60-min Brand Strategy Presentation + Q&A
  • Recording of the presentation: so you can listen to it again (and again!).

Note: brand identity development or execution (e.g. new logo, business cards, website, etc.) are separate & can be included for an additional fee.

nikita morell architects' copywriter

Why Me?

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Unlike generic copywriters, I understand the architecture and design industry inside out. I’ve worked in architecture publishing, in-house at an architecture firm, and written for more than 57 architecture firms of all sizes and types.

I also continue to invest time and money into my copywriting skills. I’ve flown over 46,000 miles to attend copywriting conferences, joined copywriting masterminds, and have completed many copywriting courses. I’m currently completing a course on copywriting and psychology.



How will we work together?

Every project is customised according to what you need.

However, to ensure great results, I’ve developed a process so you know what to expect every step of the way.


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01. Scoping Out— Are we a good fit?

The process of discovery starts with a contact form (you can find it on my contact page), continues with a short email exchange and concludes with a phone call. On this short initial call—
I’ll ask you questions about your project, time-frames and budgets (and you can ask me questions of course!). If we are both excited to work together—I’ll send you a proposal (which includes: costs, timelines and my game plan to make your project a success.) Once you sign and pay a 50% deposit, I'll get to work.

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02. Digging Deep — Research & Discovery


Research: Before I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), I'll spend time getting to know your practice. Research includes: conducting interviews with past and existing clients, reviewing existing marketing collateral, mining online conversations and analysing marketing activities of your key competitors.

Discovery Session: During our discovery session (either in person or via Zoom), I’ll ask a series of in-depth questions to uncover various aspects of your practice (for example: practice objectives, your ideal clients, the challenges you face etc). Put simply, I want to get to know your practice inside out—so I can create a tailored brand & marketing strategy for you.

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03. Building Up — Writing & Reviewing


Writing: Fully prepared, it’s time for me to get to work. Your project has my undivided attention, and I’ll send you short updates to let you know where we’re at (without you even asking me to). Once I’m done, I’ll share the copy along with comments or questions for your feedback. This will be supplied to you via GoogleDocs.

Reviewing: You have 7 days to review your copy and give feedback. I'll make the final revisions, you pay me the final 50% and I release the completed documents.


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04. Moving forward — Delivery

You’re ready to publish your shiny new copy!
And one final request—please stay in touch. Feel free to share the results of my work, ideas for future projects or photos of shadows falling on concrete (your partner might not see the beauty...but I do). Full disclosure: I can’t promise that I won’t be lurking in the virtual bushes of your practice—I’m an architecture fangal after all.

Nikita is a great communicator who possesses authenticity, integrity, and an attention to detail. She has an innate understanding of the design world and its pressure & expectations. She has the ability to take the brief and run with it…she is FABULOUS!

Sophie Tatlow Director, Deuce Design
“Nikita is very good at what she does and is easy to work with—it’s as simple as that.

Nikita listens—from the start she listened to our brief, quickly understood how we operate and wrote about our work in a manner that is consistent with who we are. We put passion into our work and enjoy working with others who feel the same way. Nikita is a rare find—we love her genuine excitement and enthusiasm.”

Jonathan Richards Founder, Richards Stanisch
correct resolution for sldier
“We found our strategy session so valuable that we immediately hired Nikita to rewrite our entire website!

We were struggling with how to communicate our practice’s brand position. Nikita’s strategy session gave us clarity (it was like a light was turned on!). After the session, we knew exactly how we wanted to communicate with our target audience.

Nikita is personable, transparent and has a clear knowledge and understanding of psychology. She was able to quickly identify the flaws in our current website and biographies and provided us with practical suggestions on how to improve them.  We found our strategy session so valuable—we immediately hired Nikita to rewrite our entire website.”

Matthew Woodward Founder, Matthew Woodward Architecture 

Want to gain clarity and confidence in your practice’s brand?