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Day 12: Does your website copy look like marching ants?

Does your website copy look like marching ants?

We’ve all been there. You land on a website with teeny, tiny font. You squint. You zoom riiigghhhtt in. And then you start to wonder…perhaps, I need to book in an appointment with my optometrist?!

I’d say 9/10 times it’s not your eyes. It’s the font size— it’s too damn small.

The wrong font can leave your prospective clients feeling frustrating or with a banging headache. Neither of which is enjoyable.

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

  • How the wrong font size can lose you clients
  • Simple tips to choosing the right font for your website
  • The importance of contrast ratio (and a free online tool to check your contrast ratio)

And more.

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Oriz Leon, Contrast Checker