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Day 18: The Often Forgotten Contact Page

Your contact page is like a *semi-estranged* second-cousin.

…the second-cousin you *nearly*  forget to invite to your wedding (…but remember you have to) #familyobligations. Ironically, they turn out to be the life of the party…

Whilst easy to forget, your contact page can also be the life of your party website.

Your contact page can make the difference between a prospective client sending an enquiry or…clicking X on the tab.

Watch this video & you’ll learn:

  • Why your contact page is more important than you think
  • How you can use your contact page to pre-qualify prospective clients
  • An unexpected thing that every contact page needs to include

Plus lots of great examples of architecture contact pages that will make you rethink your own

Referenced websites:
Blaf Design, Inbetween Architecture, Flack Studio, SV Design