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Day 2: How To Filter Out The Nightmare Clients (…and attract the ones you really want)

You waste your time emailing back & forth. You spend hours on the phone discussing a ‘potential’ project. The client picks your brain & then…***crickets***.

Later you find out they decided to work with your archi-nemesis (aka your competitor).

Sound familiar?!

Watch this video & you’ll learn:

  • 3 easy ways to stop bad clients** from contacting you via your website (so you can start attracting the dream clients***
  • Why it’s time you start seeing your website as your personal online 24/7/365 security guard.
  • What 99.77766% of architects forget to put on their contact page

And more.

**By ‘bad clients’ I mean the ones that don’t pay on time, are super demanding, don’t value design or have jerk-like tendencies.
***By ‘dream clients’ I mean the ones who value what you do, are willing to pay for good design & want to collaborate.

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