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Day 24: Don’t Be Too Clever (why your 80% of your website should be like everyone else’s)

Your website isn’t a Broadway show—people visiting aren’t going to lean back in their ergonomic chairs & snack on lightly-salted popcorn. They don’t expect to be entertained—they just want to know they’re in the right place & *very* quickly get all the information they need.

Flashing neon lights. Auto-played soundtrack. Abstract imagery. All belong on Broadway, not your website (…and yes, these are all things I’ve seen on architecture websites).

Making your prospective clients muddle through things they don’t expect can work against you. Want to find out more?

Watch today’s video & you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s ok if your website looks like everyone else’s
  • How ‘over-designing’ your website can lose you clients
  • A common mistake architects make with their social media website icons

And more.

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