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Day 28: What Do Architects Actually Do? (why you need a services page)

Mike Brady from ‘The Brady Bunch’. Ted Moseby from ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Liam Neeson in ‘Love Actually’. Yep, they’re all architects.

And in all of the above sitcoms/movies ^^^, they are typically seen hunched over a drafting board (late at night), holding a T-square, with a chewed pencil delicately placed behind their ear.

My point?!

I argue that the number ONE reason why the majority of architects get price-shopped is that whilst everyone knows what an architect IS, they don’t exactly know what an architect DOES.

It’s YOUR responsibility to tell the world what YOU actually do (…don’t leave it to Hollywood).

Watch this video & you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so important to include a services page on your website
  • What you need to include on your services page to attract the right type of clients (and filter out the wrong ones)
  • How to structure your services page (so you can immediately build trust & authority)

And more.

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