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Marketing Strategy

You’re busy with client meetings, site visits, liaising with local authorities, and keeping up to date on codes and regulations. It’s no surprise that creating a robust marketing strategy repeatedly gets bumped down your to-do list.

But to get a consistent flow of the right projects, attract the right types of clients, and to command premium fees, you need a tailored marketing strategy to steer you in the right direction.

Here’s the thing: Posting on Instagram. Sending email newsletters. Attending industry networking events. Connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn.

Is NOT a marketing strategy.

These are random acts of marketing.

There are hundreds of marketing tactics you could do. But what should you *actually* do? What’s smart, but also practical (given your resourcing and financial situation)?

Don’t waste time trying to figure it out yourself.

I’ll help you create a precise marketing plan of action so you aren’t “just another architecture practice”, but the only practice your ideal clients want to work with.

A tailored marketing strategy will help you:

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  • Increase your visibility—so you attract a consistent flow of projects that align with your vision, values, and business goals.
  • Identify which social media platforms your ideal clients are actively using and focus your outreach where it will generate the most engagement and response.
  • Build trust amongst your ideal clients—so they only want to work with you.
  • Build your reputation—so you can get the recognition you deserve.

Perfect for you if…


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Marketing Strategy 1

You have a strong brand identity but your current marketing activities lack direction or an overall strategy.

Marketing Strategy 2


You want to target new clients in a different market.

Marketing Strategy 3


You’re not seeing results from your current marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy 4


You have years of ideas, notes, documents, downloads buried in a folder, but need help creating an action plan.

What you get:

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  • 30-min project kick-off call—so we can get to know each other & discuss your project needs.
  • 45-min project discovery call—so I can get a better understanding of your services, company values, ideal clients & business goals.
  • Marketing strategy document including:
    • 3-5 key marketing objectives.
    • 2-3 priority growth recommendations.
    • One round of revisions.
  • Recommendation for which marketing activities you need to implement to get the highest-impact and an action plan so you know exactly what you need to do.
  • 60-min marketing strategy presentation & Q&A.


// OPTIONAL ADD ON: Coaching Check-in Calls
If you need an accountability partner to keep you on track or expert advice on a regular basis, then this is for you. The frequency of our meetings will depend on the support you need (i.e. monthly or bi-monthly). It includes:
  • 45-minute Zoom call to check-in on your progress. We’ll discuss what’s working and what isn’t so I can provide further guidance, encouragement, and support.
  • Recording of our call: so you can listen to our clever conversation again and again.
  • Action Plan: I’ll look at what can be improved and map out your actions and strategy for the month ahead. Put simply, you’ll get clarity so you know exactly what you need to do next.
nikita morell architects' copywriter

Why Me?


Unlike generic copywriters, I understand the architecture and design industry inside out. I’ve worked in architecture publishing, in-house at an architecture firm, and written for more than 57 architecture firms of all sizes and types.

I also continue to invest time and money into my copywriting skills. I’ve flown over 46,000 miles to attend copywriting conferences, joined copywriting masterminds, and have completed many copywriting courses. I’m currently completing a course on copywriting and psychology.



“Nikita is very good at what she does and is easy to work with—it’s as simple as that.

Nikita listens—from the start she listened to our brief, quickly understood how we operate and wrote about our work in a manner that is consistent with who we are. We put passion into our work and enjoy working with others who feel the same way. Nikita is a rare find—we love her genuine excitement and enthusiasm.”

Jonathan Richards Founder, Richards Stanisch
Simon Nelson
“Nikita really understands architects and has the ability to see things from an architects point of view.

I knew I needed to get my website copy and value proposition written—I just couldn’t find the time. I am SO glad, I came across Nikita. She took the time to listen to my ideas and develop my message (without the usual ‘archi-talk’). Nikita really understands architects and has the ability to see things from an architects point of view. 

Simon Nelson SEED Architects, Founder
Peter Couvaras
“Nikita’s ability to identify our strengths and write them in a way that resonates with our ideal client is unlike anything I have seen in 25+years in business.

I recommend Nikita to anyone who is struggling to articulate who they are & what they do. I was impressed by the way Nikita was able to help me find clarity in everything we were doing—she was able to distil the essence of who we are very quickly and simply.

Nikita’s style and experience immediately set me at ease and allowed me to process my thoughts in a supportive and encouraging environment. As an introvert, I don’t like blowing my own trumpet (which is what a lot of marketing material sounds like), so having Nikita take the truth about my work and abilities and frame it in an appealing rather than boasting way was very helpful for me.”

Peter Couvaras Couvaras Architects, Director

Don’t have the time or headspace to create a marketing action plan?