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Good question, smart architect.

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Reason #1 to Join My Email List:

I am the only copywriter who writes only for architects. I also analysed 663 architecture websites to find the good, the bad, and the best in our industry.

So yeah, I know a thing or two about architect websites.

In my emails I share how to use the right words to attract the right clients (i.e. clients you actually want to hang out with after a project is over).

Even the architecture marketing gurus are raving about my copy skills….

Nikita Morell sends damn fine emails.

She uses stories to sell, but you never feel like you’re being sold to. It’s a real and very rare skill.



Nikita is an incredibly strong copywriter who truly knows how to connect with readers.

You can tell that she loves what she does, bringing amazing energy, professionalism, and creativity to everything she does.


Nikita’s emails feel like a conversation with someone who’s standing right in front of you, and that’s no easy feat.

Nikita has this magic way with words that I’m always so envious of. Her words feel honest and relatable–and perhaps most importantly – not like marketing copy.


Nikita has an uncanny way of weaving personal stories with valuable copywriting lessons. 


Nikita’s emails draw you into her world and make you wonder, “What will she write next?” She creates interest and intrigue whilst educating. I’ve always been very impressed by her copywriting skills.


Reason #2 to Join My Email List:

You’ll get copywriting tips that are unGoogleable.

The reason you won’t find these tips anywhere else is because: I invented them.

Just for architects, like you.

My emails are your secret weapon to standing out in the sea of architectural sameness.

Join my list and discover new ways to:

  • Identify and clearly communicate who you are and what you stand for—so you can make a name for yourself.
  • Establish a cohesive message and voice—so you can get a steady and consistent stream of ridiculously good projects.
  • Build trust and credibility with ideal clients (even if you have zero built projects or have signed NDAs)


I promise you, my emails are valuable….

And entertaining…

Kylie Bosanac Review
Chris Simmons Review
Kyle Rowbotham

Basically, they are not your “regular” marketing-y emails.

Reason #3 to Join My Email List:

I’ve crawled through the cool, dank corners of the internet to find real-life examples of great architecture websites.

Join my list and you can borrow ideas from these examples to inspire your own website. When I share my tips, sometimes architects get mad….

Or sometimes they leave feedback that I feel slightly awkward about…

Whether you’re looking to revamp, refresh, rebrand, or rebuild your website….

My emails will blow your spatially astute mind.

And they will blow up your project pipeline.

Don’t believe me?

You can always unsubscribe. (If you do, I’ll cry. But quietly into my keyboard.)

Oh, and my emails are best read at your desk with a mouthful of hummus.