“If ONLY I had the About Page toolkit when I started out…I would have saved thousands of dollars in time, trial and error working out how to communicate with my ideal clients. Buy this About page toolkit today and take the shortcut I never had.”
Scott Valentine

Founder, Valé Architects

“It’s very hard when you’re starting on your own as you come out of this kangaroo pouch—a place where you’ve been hiding and learning through your career. The toolkits provide step-by-step guidance and helped me get the words out of my head and onto the page.”
Kamal Kopparapu

Founder, Studio Kaleidoscope


USD $197

Your shortcut to writing an About page that immediately shows ideal clients you’re their perfect fit.

Profile. Practice. Studio culture. About us. Our story. 

Whatever you call it, your About page is one of the most important pages on your website.


Because prospective clients don’t care just about beautiful, quality design. They care who is doing it and how it gets done. They want to know if they can trust you. And if they’re going to like working with you.

Your project photos can give them a glimpse of this, but those alone can’t build trust and likability. You can, however, build those factors through an engaging and compelling About page.

That’s why your About page needs to be more than an online filing cabinet of your qualifications and achievements.

Think of your About page as your first impression. And in today’s Google-driven world, it may be your only impression.

The About Page Masterplan is for you if:

You can’t afford a professional marketing manager. You don’t have the $$ to splash out on marketing and branding.

You hate talking about your practice. You don’t have a problem talking about your projects or design philosophy, but when it comes to writing about your practice, you don’t want to sound arrogant or like you’re bragging.

You don’t consider yourself a *strong writer*. (spoiler alert: the step-by-step About page process is foolproof—if you follow each step I guarantee you can write an engaging About page even if writing is not your strength).

You don’t know what to include in your About page—or what to leave out. Is this the same as your professional bio or is that something different? Should you tell the story of how you started your practice? 

You don’t know how to structure the damn thing. Lots of paragraphs? One short paragraph? How long should it be? Medium? Super short? What point of view should you write it in? First person? Third person?

The About Page Masterplan is perfect for:

  • Busy, time-starved architects who’ve established their own practice (and want to make sure their practice stands out from the sea of sameness).
  • Architects who wear the “marketing hat” in larger practices.
  • Marketing/Communication managers working in an architecture practice (you know the practice needs to update their about page—follow the toolkit to write it yourself OR pass it on to your copywriter).


The purpose of this toolkit is simple. I want to help you create an engaging About page that prompts the right types of clients (the ones who value what you do and are willing to pay premium fees for it) to enquire about your services. 

To do this, I share the knowledge and experience gained from 10+ years of copywriting and marketing for architecture practices like yours. Unlike generic marketing and copywriting agencies, I know the architecture and design industry inside out (so I know how to make your About page stand out from the sea of architectural sameness).

This toolkit is grounded in real-life experience and repetitive success—so you can invest your time, effort and money with confidence. 

You can use this guide to write a new About page or update an existing one.

Note: This is NOT a fill-in-the-blank template that leads to generic, dull copy. Instead, this toolkit is like scaffolding. It’s a step-by-step framework that gives your words structure, helps clarify your message, differentiates you from your competitors, and prompts prospective clients to enquire about your services.

What you get:

  • A proven process on how to structure and write a distinct, compelling and engaging About page (so you can get a steady flow of the projects you love).
  • A series of easy-to-follow branding exercises to help you identify your X factor (i.e. what makes your practice different and how to communicate this on your About page).
  • Why you must absolutely know who your ideal client is (…so you can get more of them).
  • Prompts to help you get UNstuck when writing: exercises, tactics and tricks to get the creativity flowing.
  • 7 attention-grabbing ways to open your About page (most architects miss this step!).
  • 6 easy ways to build credibility and trust (so your ideal clients will want to work with ONLY you).
  • 5 visual examples of About page website layout ideas (that you can use as inspiration for your own About page).
  • 10+ real-life examples of great architecture practice About pages. Each example includes commentary and ideas you can “borrow” for your own About page.
  • Editing tips and tricks to sharpen your About page (with links to additional copywriting resources to help you).
  • Why you need to include testimonials on your About page and the non-awkward way to request them.
    • PLUS: A copy+paste testimonial request email template. (This is the exact email I use.)

Here’s how it works:

Once you finalise your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will include a link to download your toolkit (in an editable PDF format).

Australian customers will be charged GST. All Architect WordShop products are limited to 3 downloads.


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