“Nikita has the passion and perspective to see exactly what architects need. The Press Release Manual gets straight down to business, guiding you thoughtfully and persuasively through writing a press release. If you’re daunted by the blank page or struggling to articulate your ideas, here’s what you’ve been waiting for.”

Juliette Mitchell

Founder, Architypal

 “The manual is pure gold! It gives you confidence and takes the guesswork out writing a press release. My favourite part of the manual was the framework—it shows you exactly what to include and how to structure a          press release.”
Shyn Cheah

Architect, UNSW


USD $197

Your secret weapon to building your reputation and increasing your exposure.


Why do some architects seem to have all the luck? Their projects and stories are always appearing in architecture magazines, blogs and newspapers.

How do they do it?!

Well, it’s got nothing to do with luck (or having a special relationship with editors and journalists).

But it DOES have to do with crafting a winning press release (one that gets picked up by the media and gets your story published).

Architecture press releases often miss the mark. They’re too long. Too short. Too boring.  

Getting media coverage from a press release has never been more competitive. Editors and journalists are pitched hundreds of stories each day. Their inboxes are overflowing with unread media requests. It’s no wonder press releases are ignored or tossed into the virtual trash bin (without even getting opened).

Plus, in today’s age of podcasts, webinars and Instagram, press releases are considered “old-school”. So why are they still around? It’s simple. They work.


A well-written press release can help you:

  • Reach your ideal clients, so you can bring in new and more interesting work.
  • Position yourself as an industry expert, so you can command premium fees.
  • Create stronger ties with the media, so when they are looking for their next story, they come to YOU first.


The Press Release Manual is for you if:

  • You lack the confidence to write a well-structured press release.
  • You’re striving to make a name for yourself in an overcrowded market, but you don’t know how to approach the media.
  • You want to broaden your exposure outside of your network so you can attract new clients and diversify your portfolio.
  • You’ve written press releases before with little or no success.
  • You’ve never written a press release in your life—but you want to build your profile.


What you get:

  • Five Steps to Press Release Success for Architects™. A foolproof guide that significantly increases your chances of getting published. (The toolkit is designed to help anyone go from clueless to confident—even if writing isn’t your strength).
  • Press Release framework (with examples): how to write, structure, and format a press release so that editors and journalists *actually* open and read your press release. 
  • The easiest way to  “win over” editors and journalists (even if you don’t have “insider connections”).
  • 10 press release topic ideas to inspire your next press release (hint: your next press release doesn’t need to be about a project).
  • Media pitch email template. This is the exact template I’ve successfully used (hundreds of times) when pitching to editors and journalists.
    • PLUS: Instant access to your own press release distribution tracker so you can keep track of who you’ve contacted and when to follow up.


The Press Release Manual helps you create a winning press release quickly and efficiently. Using the five-step framework, you’ll learn how to select which media channels to target; how to write, format and structure a press release; and how to effectively communicate with editors and journalists. I share with you the exact process that I *still* use to successfully write hundreds of press releases for architecture practices of all sizes. 

From my years spent working in-house at an architecture publishing company, I know what does (and doesn’t) get picked up by the media. In this manual, I share all my insider tips and knowledge to help you create a press release. This helps you increase your practice’s exposure, build your reputation and bring new business in the door.

Read this manual before your competition does.

** 100% money-back guarantee **

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

I know you’ll find this toolkit valuable. But if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just send me an email at returns@nikitamorell.com within seven days of purchase and I’ll issue a full refund.


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