“From alterations and additions to large-scale urban design projects, the Project Blueprint has your back. The step-by-step process takes out the guesswork and allows you to tease out the key elements of your project and express it in a way that is both clear and appealing to any audience.”

Brodie Norris

Founder, Lunchbox Architect

“The project description blueprint helped organise my thoughts/ideas with it’s easy-to-follow framework. It saves time and makes the process of writing project descriptions more achievable. Working through the toolkit was like turning headlights one—I finally knew which direction I was heading.”

Laura Litcanu

Founder, Unfold Architecture


USD $197

A foolproof formula for writing project descriptions that get the phone ringing.


“How do I grow beyond the projects currently filling my portfolio?”

“How can I convince prospective clients I’m the best fit for their project? And how can I attract clients that are the best fit for me?”

“How can I showcase my skills and experience in a non-salesly way?”

The answers to the above questions lie in your website project descriptions.

There’s more to website project pages than compelling visuals. Your designs DO NOT speak for themselves. You need words. The right words. And you need to tell a story. An engaging story.


With clear, impactful project descriptions, you can:

  • Showcase your capabilities. Prospective clients can see that you’ve completed similar projects.
  • Create an emotional connection. Telling your “project story” builds trust.
  • Set yourself apart from your competition. Descriptions give you the opportunity to highlight WHY the prospective client should choose you.
  • Provide insight into your process (so, how you work).
  • Provide media contacts with key project features and background to a potential story—so they include it in their publications.

Think about it this way: Your website project page is your chance (perhaps your only chance) to share your work with the world. Make it count.


This Project Description Blueprint is for you if:

  • You’re busy and need a foolproof shortcut to write compelling project descriptions (yes, this will help anyone write project descriptions—even if writing isn’t your “thing”).
  • You wonder, “Do I need to write a description for this project?” (Hint: YES, you do!).
  • You’re “not great with words” and need structure and direction when it comes to writing about your projects (or maybe you’re “okay with words” but get stumped when writing about your own projects).
  • You don’t have the $$ to hire a professional copywriter.

If you’re an architect with only a couple of projects under your black leather belt, are responsible for communications in a larger practice or anything in between, then you’ll immediately benefit from the information, prompts, and examples in this toolkit. Plus it’s so much faster than trying to write project descriptions in-house.


What you’ll get:

  • Instant access to the Archi Project Story Arc™— a proven and repeatable process for writing and structuring engaging project descriptions (guaranteed to work for any type of architectural project).
    • BONUS: Additional tips for when writing interior and urban-planning project descriptions.
  • The easiest way to capture the attention of prospective clients (so they feel compelled to request a proposal from you).
  • 22 questions you need to ask before you start writing a project description. (Most architects miss this step!).
  • 5 website project description layout ideas to inspire your project-description webpage. 
  • 14 annotated real-life examples of engaging architecture website project descriptions. (Get inspired or even borrow an idea or two.)
  • Editing tips and tricks to sharpen your project descriptions (with links to additional copywriting resources to help you).
  • PLUS: How to brief an architectural photographer (so you get the images you hoped for).

The purpose of this toolkit is simple. I want to help you create engaging project descriptions that build your credibility and prompt prospective clients to choose to work with YOU. 

With over 10 years of copywriting and marketing experience—and after working with architecture practices like yours—I’ve built a fail-proof blueprint for project descriptions.

Time after time, I come across uninspiring project descriptions and architects who struggle to write engaging project descriptions (it’s not your fault; it’s not taught in design school). And that’s why I created the fail-proof project description blueprint.

It’s your pain-free shortcut to showcasing your projects in their best light.


** 100% money-back guarantee **

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. 

I know you’ll find this toolkit valuable. But if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just send me an email at returns@nikitamorell.com within seven days of purchase and I’ll issue a full refund.


Here’s how it works:

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