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Here’s a taste of what it’s like to work with me…

Sara Martin

“Nikita wasn’t a judgey-wanker about our current situation”

We really valued Nikita’s honesty, constructive criticism and ability to present feedback clearly and to the point with tangible and relative examples for improvement is next to none. Her strategy session now means we are clear about our voice and message. Would we recommend her? Heck yeah, cause she’s ace!

Paul Hogan, PHOLD

“We tried other copywriters however they either came with preconceived ideas or just rewrote what we had written, both of which had terrible outcomes.

We felt that we knew what we wanted to say, however, we didn’t know how to say it concisely—but we worked with Nikita and nailed it.

Max Milosevic, Felton
Peter Couvaras

“Nikita’s ability to identify our strengths and write them in a way that resonates with our ideal client is unlike anything I have seen in 25+years in business.

I recommend Nikita to anyone who is struggling to articulate who they are & what they do. I was impressed by the way Nikita was able to help me find clarity in everything we were doing—she was able to distil the essence of who we are very quickly and simply.

Peter Couvaras Couvaras Architects

“I love Nikita’s enthusiasm! She really cares about what she’s doing.

Nikita has given us a new voice & we now understand exactly who we are. Her clarity of thinking combined with industry experience makes her very successful at what she does. Nikita really cares about what she is doing and the work is prepared quickly & with minimal fuss—we don’t want to recommend Nikita to other architects as it will make them more competitive!

Nick Sissons, Sissons Architects
nick sissons