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Website Audit

You have a website, but you’re not getting consistent enquiries from the kind of clients you hoped for.

Your gut feeling tells you your website could be improved.

My advice: trust your gut. Because your website is your first (sometimes only) impression, and if it’s not hitting the right note, it could be harming your online reputation and losing you clients.

I’ve studied over 663 architecture websites—so whether your website is (over)due for a refresh or you’ve just launched a brand-new website, let my expert eyes take an objective look.

A detailed website audit will help you:

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  • Give an objective perspective of your current website. (It’s easy to get “too close” to your website!)
  • Identify potential areas of weakness on your website and give you recommendations for improvement, including elements that may be missing.
  • Provide actionable, useable feedback that you (or your designer/developer) can implement quickly and easily.

Perfect for you if…

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You wrote those words ages ago, and they don’t align with where your practice is now.

 You’re not consistently attracting your ideal clients.

Your website looks, feels, and sounds the same as every other architecture website out there.

Your website designer or generic copywriter wrote some placeholder website copy, but it doesn’t truly reflect your practice.

What you get:

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  • 30-min kick-off call.
  • Pre-questionnaire — prompts you to think about your practice goals, ideal clients, area of expertise, and more.
  • 45 – 60 min page-by-page video walkthrough of your website which you can replay at your convenience.
    • My analysis will focus on:
      • Copywriting  – how engaging and persuasive is your messaging? (I’ll also include example copy edits.)
      • Branding – how does it look and feel?
      • Visitor experience – how is the overall navigation and flow? (includes page structure, layout etc.)
      • Project portfolio – is the presentation of your projects effective? (includes project storytelling, layout, etc.)
  • A GoogleDoc summary — so you don’t have to waste your time scribbling down notes.
  • Custom action plan of recommended changes and things to consider, so you know exactly what you need to do to improve your website results.
  • Transcript of your website audit.
  • 45-minute post-audit Q&A video call. You can use this time to get clarification on recommendations or ask questions.
nikita morell architects' copywriter

Why Me?

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Unlike generic copywriters, I understand the architecture and design industry inside out. I’ve worked in architecture publishing, in-house at an architecture firm, and written for more than 57 architecture firms of all sizes and types.

I also continue to invest time and money into my copywriting skills. I’ve flown over 46,000 miles to attend copywriting conferences, joined copywriting masterminds, and have completed many copywriting courses. I’m currently completing a course on copywriting and psychology.



How will we work together?

Every project is customised according to what you need.

However, to ensure great results, I’ve developed a process so you know what to expect every step of the way.


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01. Scoping Out— Are we a good fit?

The process of discovery starts with a contact form (you can find it on my contact page), continues with a short email exchange and concludes with a phone call. On this short initial call—
I’ll ask you questions about your project, time-frames and budgets (and you can ask me questions of course!). If we are both excited to work together—I’ll send you a proposal (which includes: costs, timelines and my game plan to make your project a success.) Once you sign and pay a 50% deposit, I'll get to work.

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02. Digging Deep — Research & Discovery


Research: Before I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), I'll spend time getting to know your practice. Research includes: conducting interviews with past and existing clients, reviewing existing marketing collateral, mining online conversations and analysing marketing activities of your key competitors.

Discovery Session: During our discovery session (either in person or via Zoom), I’ll ask a series of in-depth questions to uncover various aspects of your practice (for example: practice objectives, your ideal clients, the challenges you face etc). Put simply, I want to get to know your practice inside out—so I can create a tailored brand & marketing strategy for you.

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03. Building Up — Writing & Reviewing


Writing: Fully prepared, it’s time for me to get to work. Your project has my undivided attention, and I’ll send you short updates to let you know where we’re at (without you even asking me to). Once I’m done, I’ll share the copy along with comments or questions for your feedback. This will be supplied to you via GoogleDocs.

Reviewing: You have 7 days to review your copy and give feedback. I'll make the final revisions, you pay me the final 50% and I release the completed documents.


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04. Moving forward — Delivery

You’re ready to publish your shiny new copy!
And one final request—please stay in touch. Feel free to share the results of my work, ideas for future projects or photos of shadows falling on concrete (your partner might not see the beauty...but I do). Full disclosure: I can’t promise that I won’t be lurking in the virtual bushes of your practice—I’m an architecture fangal after all.

“Nikita is very good at what she does and is easy to work with—it’s as simple as that.

Nikita listens—from the start she listened to our brief, quickly understood how we operate and wrote about our work in a manner that is consistent with who we are. We put passion into our work and enjoy working with others who feel the same way. Nikita is a rare find—we love her genuine excitement and enthusiasm.”

Jonathan Richards Founder, Richards Stanisch
David Drazil
“Nikita immediately “got” my situation and quickly spot the problematic areas on my website.

Before hiring Nikita I was unsure about how to structure my website or what type of content to include. But I was immediately impressed with Nikita’s thoughtfulness and understanding of what I was struggling with. When we started working together, Nikita immediately “got” my situation and quickly spot the problematic areas on my website. I enjoyed the whole website audit process—it was not only smooth and structured but also very exciting. I loved Nikita’s insights and her different point of view which I needed so much—she was able to see the big picture whilst keeping my target audience in mind. If you’ve been thinking about taking your website messaging and copywriting to the next level, look no further! I can’t recommend Nikita enough!

David Drazil Sketch Like An Architect, Founder

Want your website to attract more of the right types of clients?