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eight reasons why

Eight reasons why you’ll be glad you
chose to work with me:

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/ / 01 I know the ins and outs of the architecture industry.

I have over 10+ years in sales, marketing, and communications within the architecture & design industry. I studied 663 architecture websites (want to see what I found? see the results here).

/ / 02 I know how to sell

My years as a sales executive for an architecture magazine equipped me with my secret weapon—I know how to sell creative work. I know how to close a deal. And more importantly, I know how to make your practice the ONLY one your ideal client want to work with.

/ / 03 I’m a self-confessed archi nerd

Hot yoga. Silent discos. Eating citrus fruits. These are a few ways people relax and unwind. Not me. I enter a Bjarke blackhole (i.e. binge-watch Youtube interviews of Bjarke), devour architecture news or stalk the r/architecture subreddit. This means I’m across A&D trends, technology, news and events. My industry knowledge and personal network is something you won’t find in a large generic agency.

/ / 04 I have a ‘thing’ for architects

I can’t be an architect, so I’m a copywriter and marketing strategist for architects. I’m not a creep. I promise. Just think of me as your cheerleader. I’m on a personal mission to make sure your work is valued, so you can charge premium fees, and get the recognition you deserve.

/ / 05 I’m focused on results

You don’t need another document collecting digital dust on your hard-drive. Or more generic “marketing advice”. I deliver personalised strategies that you can *actually* implement and get results from.

/ / 06 I’m made for content marketing for architects

75% of my work comes from repeat business and client recommendations.

/ / 07 I’m honest

If I think something can be done better, I’ll tell you (in a nice way of course).

/ / 08 I’m flexible

I’ll jump on a project at any stage (and yes, I’m physically flexible too—I can still do the splits. See the top of this page for photographic proof!)

Why 8 reasons?

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Because eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture AND because I’m a fan of BIG’s ‘8 house project’.

Confession time: I have a *slight* crush on Bjarke. Not only because of his boyish charm but because he’s a brilliant communicator, isn’t afraid to take risks, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Bjarke shows it’s possible to have personality and be professional…at the same time.

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